Cyclicity Simulation Engine - Waveforms

Gavin J Stark
April 20th 2004
Simulation engine modules supply information on their state and internal signals to the simulation engine. This is done in a standard fashion, and this data can be accessed by the simulation engine in many ways. For example, it can be used to generate a graphical front-end for the simulation engine to provide customizable access to data and signals within a module. It may also be used to generate waveform files, particularly in VCD file format, through the C++ API. This access is also provided through simulation engine exec file enhancements, which should are available from the internal 'se_test_harenss' module and the batch simulation exec files.

The modules themselves supply the data which may be visible to a waveform file; the simulation engine purely provides access to it.

Exec file enhancements

The simulation engine supplies the following exec file enhancements to provide access to the VCD waveform files:

vcd_file_open( string handle, string filename )
Open a VCD waveform file with a given handle (for future reference) and a given filename. The filename should refer to a (potential) file that is writable.
vcd_file_close( string handle )
Close a VCD waveform file handle; this cleanly finishes the VCD file attached to the handle.
vcd_file_add( string handle, string signal or state, ... )
Add a signal or other described state to the specified VCD handle; the signal or state specifiied may be a global signal name, a state or signal within a module that a module exports, or it may be a module name in which case all the signals and states of that module are added to the VCD file.
vcd_file_enable( string handle )
Outputs the header for the specified VCD file, and enables its further output. This should be issued once after all the VCD file signal additions have been performed, before a simulation is stepped.
integer vcd_file_size( string handle )
Returns the size of the specified VCD file

So a simple example of the use of these commmands would be:

vcd_file_open my_handle "signals.vcd"
vcd_file_add my_handle input_0 input_1
vcd_file_add my_handle output_2
vcd_file_add my_handle module_1
vcd_file_enable my_handle
step 50
vcd_file_close my_handle
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