Cyclicity CDL Language Specification - Lexical Analysis

Gavin J Stark
April 14th 2004

There are a few basic lexical features of CDL

  • Single line comments start with '//'; all text to a newline following a '//' token will not be used in further analysis.

  • Multiline comments start with '/*' and end with '*/'; all text between a '/*' token and the next '*/' token will not be used in further analysis.

  • White space is ignored

Files, after comments are ignored, are broken lexically into tokens. Tokens may then be numbers, strings, symbols, reserved keywords, or user symbols.

  • Strings are of the form "text of the string", i.e. data enclosed in pairs of quotation marks. Note that comments will NOT be stripped within a string; also, the backslash character may be used to quote a quotation mark within a string such as: "string with a \" quotation \" in it".

  • Symbols are non-alphanumerics, either singly or paired. The complete list is: , . ~ & | ^ ! * + - / % && || ^^ => <- = == != < > <= >= ( ) ; :

  • Numbers always start with a digit, and they may be sized or unsized numbers. Sized numbers are of the form '<n><b|B|h|H><value>'; the initial 'n' gives the size in the number of bits of the number, the base is then presented, then the value is given. The value may contain '_'s, which will be ignored. The value may also contain 'x' or 'X' characters, which indicate the number has an associated mask, so that masked comparisons may be expressed in the language. The following, then, are valid numbers: '123', '871232', '0', '16b1111_0000_11111_0000', '8HaF', '6b10xx01'.

  • Reserved keywords are all lower case, and are keywords that are used within the language. The complete set is: constant struct fsm one_hot one_cold schematic symbol port line fill oval option preclock register assert include typedef string bit integer enum extern module input output parameter timing to from bundle default clock rising falling reset active_low active_high clocked comb net for if elsif else full_switch part_switch priority case break sizeof print assert

  • User symbols start with alphabetical characters and contain alphanumerics plus '_'.

File inclusion is supported through use of the 'include' token. After lexical analysis of a file, if an 'include' token is found at any point immediately followed by a string, then at that point in file another files will be included, and the file shall be derived from the string.

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